Spring 2016 - Startup Life, by Farhan Attamimi

Working at a startup has been an incredible experience.  There are many perceptions and ideas of what the startup experience is like, so I’d like to share my stand-out takeaways from my first three weeks of work at Sourcegraph, guided by our values: #people, #progress, and #journey.


Working at a startup is not an easy decision.  You trade the stability, glamorous brand name, and perks of big firms for an unestablished firm without any guarantee of success.  As a result, you get passionate, driven teammates, who care deeply about the product and company.   Everyone I work with cares a ton about the success of the company, and working on building the product is something they enjoy. 


While everyone loves being at work and working together, it’s not always easy.  Silicon Valley has become famous for the tech “culture”, which includes work-life balance and tons of perks.  While a lot of this is true, it isn’t as glamorous as it looks from the outside.  When I get in as early as 8am, there’s always multiple people in before me.  When I leave late at night, those guys are often still in the office.  The hours can be long, and there’s always more to be done.  Despite how quickly some firms seem to hit it big these days, a long and tough journey usually precedes success, and I’ve definitely gotten a glimpse of that.


In the three week journey I’ve been on, there’s been visible progress every single day.  The tech industry moves quickly, and for startups, it’s imperative to move just as fast.  In three weeks, I’ve seen so much get done, from features being built to launching a product.  If I’ve seen all this progress in three weeks, I can’t even imagine how much will be done by the end of the semester.

The first three weeks of startup life have been great, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it!

Farhan Attamimi '17
Claremont McKenna College
Intern, Sourcegraph
​SVP Spring 2016