Study Abroad


Louisa and Friends in Uganda

Kampala (SIT Development)
Program Sponsor: School for International Training (SIT)
Program Name: Uganda - Development Studies
Type: Experiential field-based
Housing: Students live in homestays with local hosts: six weeks in Kampala and one week in a rural area. Other accommodations may include hostels, guest houses, or small hotels.
Program Eligibility: A background in development studies or related field is strongly recommended. Note that admission to this program is extremely competitive, and students must apply early to ensure acceptance.
Language: English and Luganda

Gulu (SIT Post-Conflict)
Program Sponsor: School for International Training (SIT)
Program Name: Uganda – Post-Conflict Transformation
Type: Experiential field-based
Housing: Students live in a homestay with a local host: six weeks in Gulu. Other accommodations may include hostels or guest houses.
Program Eligibility: Students should have an understanding of issues related to conflict/genocide theories and exhibit the sensitivity and psychological as well as the emotional maturity required to deal with these difficult and intense subjects.
Language: English and Acholi

Village in Uganda