Isabel Wade

CIEE Dakar, Senegal
International Relations/French

Describe your typical day:
When I didn’t have class I would work at my internship with the Senegalese committee for Human Rights. I got really close with many members of my host family and spent a lot of time with them.   

Favorite food discovered while abroad:
Mafe—it’s a peanut curry on a bed of rice. Senegalese food consists of a lot of dishes with peanuts but had some cool Moroccan influenced food too.  

What was your favorite part of the city to visit?
The Corniche was a beach area with a sea-wall of sorts where everyone exercised. I loved to run there, it was really beautiful.

What was one highlight of your semester off-campus?
I really liked getting to know my host family, I got really close to my host sister. I enjoyed talking about regional politics with them because it was so relevant to them and I liked learning about their perspectives.

What was one challenge you faced during your semester off-campus?
Living with a family again after being in college was an adjustment. It was also challenging adjusting to the pace of life in Senegal where my day was much less structured and I had to coordinate all my meals and time at home with ten other family members.

Don’t go in with any preconceptions and be open minded.