Karissa Munoz

IES Salamanca, Spain

Describe your typical day:
It was a smaller city so we could walk to class pretty easily. After class we would eat lunch with our host family, I ate every meal with my host family. Afterwards I would do homework or explore the city.

Favorite food discovered while abroad:
Castañas—Roasted chestnuts that came wrapped in newspaper. My host mom also made Paella every Sunday.

What was your favorite part of the city to visit?
The Plaza was awesome. It was the heart of the city and everyone met up there. There was a huge party in the plaza that was an early New Year’s celebration people from all over came for the party.

What was one highlight of your semester off-campus?
I became great friends with the intercambio student assigned to me. She wanted to practice her English and she helped me a lot with my Spanish and ended up showing us around and making us feel like locals.

What was one challenge you faced during your semester off-campus?
It had a fairly rigorous Spanish program which was tough at first but I am really glad I did it.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the Spanish, some students were so tired by the end of the day they only wanted to speak English. You have to keep speaking Spanish after class to socialize.