Khadija Hassanali

IES Granada, Spain

Describe your typical day: I would start the day with Spanish class and have class throughout the morning. At three pm, I’d eat a huge lunch with my host family, then take a siesta or do homework before class in the evening. Normally I’d have a field trip for the art and architecture class I was taking. In the evening I had a stipend for dinner, so I’d often get tapas with friends. Some nights I’d cook dinner with my Spanish language partner. 

What was your favorite part of the city to visit? There’s a place called Sacromonte that allows you to see the sunset over all of Granada. I also liked visiting San Miguel Alta-if you walk uphill for fifteen minutes it offers crazy views. 

Favorite food discovered while abroad: On the last night of the program, I went with my program directors to have a gastronomical experience in Granada. It was ten courses of delicious food. I also loved the foods I tried on our program excursion to Morocco. 

What was one highlight of your semester off-campus? The program trip to Morocco. We stayed in a couple of different cities. In Rabat, we spent two to three nights with a host family. The trip was really different than what we were doing in Europe, and allowed our program to bond. I also loved going on trips to the Alhambra.

What was one challenge you faced during your semester off-campus? Living in someone else’s home. It’s an awesome experience but it can be challenging to adapt to someone else’s schedule.

Advice: If you’re deciding between programs in Spain, Granada is great because the size of the city in manageable, it’s a cost effective place to live, and the city allows you to experience a mix of Arab, Catholic, and Spanish cultures that is really unique.