Ted Hall

SIT Buenos Aires, Argentina
International Relations

Describe your typical day: I had Spanish class twice a week. In our other class, we focused on a different theme every couple weeks. The Program brought in guest professors and lecturers four or five time a week. All the classes were in the morning. After class, I’d go out to lunch with friends at a sit-down restaurant. Then we’d go explore parks and museums. It was a lot more on your own than in-class time. 

Favorite food discovered while abroad: I really enjoyed empanadas. In restaurants, they’d have a deal called the executive menu. You could get an appetizer, meal, and dessert pretty inexpensively. 

What was one highlight of your semester off-campus? Definitely visiting Iguazu Falls—200 waterfalls going over a cliff face on the border between Argentina and Brazil. 

What was your favorite part of the city to visit? I really liked how many cultural institutions Buenos Aires has.  There are so many museums, libraries, and parks, you can find culture everywhere. There are so many things to go out and try. 

What was one challenge you faced during your semester off-campus? 

Because we had a different professor for every class, there wasn’t a flow between lectures. Some professors were better than others. Professors didn't know what we already knew, and some made assumptions that we knew things we didn’t. 

Advice: Don’t be afraid to travel and visit new places in the city. Buenos Aires is a huge metropolis, there is so much to discover