Faculty Advisors

In the Fall, the Program Director will send out an announcement to all faculty in the social and mathematical sciences and humanities to consider offering summer research opportunities to students. (Science faculty offer summer research opportunities to students through the Keck Science Department, not through the SRP.) Faculty may have specific projects for which they would like a full-time student researcher, general openings for full-time student researchers within an active summer research lab, or may be willing to supervise a student’s full-time independent research project over 8-10 weeks during the summer (May 26-July 31, 2020).

Students must receive approval from the faculty member with whom they would like to work, and agree on the number of weeks, expectations and outcomes of the work, before submitting their application by March 2. Potential advisors will be asked to indicate their approval of the proposed project, and confirm whether the student will work on their own independent research project (for which compensation is in the form of a stipend based on a budget they submit with their estimated expenses) or a faculty member’s research project (in which case the student is employed by the College to work for the faculty member and compensation is in the form of an hourly wage).

Students and advisors will be notified of acceptance into the program by no later than April 15. CMC faculty receive $1000 for supervising one SRP student for at least 8 weeks and $500 for each additional SRP student they supervise for at least 8 weeks. Faculty may be invited to lead a weekly summer lunch seminar, and those who agree will receive a $200 honorarium.

Any questions can be directed to the Program Director, Mark Huber, at mhuber@cmc.edu.