Eat Your Veggies

Vegetable offerings at Collins

Southern California is in the middle of an extreme drought, and food choices can have a huge impact on water consumption. Paying attention to what we eat is an easy way to reduce our water footprint.

Beyond water use, raising livestock may be the single largest human activity to have an impact on the planet. Factory farming in the United States is criticized for its contribution to antibiotic overuse, air and water pollution from animal waste containment and crop chemical use. While meat production needs to change, you can make a big difference with your meat consumption choices. The largest carbon footprint comes from beef, which produces twice the emissions of pork, four times that of chicken, and 13 times the emissions of equivalent vegetable protein like lentils, beans, and tofu.

So choosing vegetable protein over meat can make a huge difference! If you do choose meat, only take as much as you will eat so all of this energy use does not end up wasted and thrown away to the landfill.