Know Your Recycling Stream

Sign showing what is recyclable

How well do you understand the recycling situation at CMC and in Claremont? After you reduce and reuse, recycling is the next important step for you to understand.

All recycling collected in the City of Claremont is no-sort, or single stream. You may deposit of your paper, cardboard, metals, plastic, and glass in any recycling container around campus, worry-free. Rather than read through an impressive list of what is recyclable, the main tip to remember is that the recycling facility needs your items to be dry (no wet-paper to gum up sorting machinery) and clean (please rinse out). Still unsure? Checkout the City of Claremont informational list.

Here are a few quick tips to understand:

  • No plastic bags. They bind up sorting equipment. Instead, take them to participating grocery stores for recycling.

  • Pizza boxes cannot be recycled because of the grease. If your lid is grease-free, separate it and recycle the lid only.

  • Paper towels, napkins, plates, and cups can only be recycled if they are clean and dry.

  • No styrofoam.