Washington Program

Application and Selection Process


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Application Requirements


  • a completed application form
  • a résumé
  • an official transcript (Pomona, Scripps, Pitzer & HMC); CMC students give permission to obtain an unofficial transcript by signing the application form
  • a letter of recommendation from a faculty member on letterhead
  • two short statements as described in the application

Prepare to Intern Timeline - What to do before applying

Students are encouraged to be on campus during the semester of application. Students may apply early (one year in advance) if they want to study abroad before the Washington Program. Fall interns will apply in September and spring interns will apply in February. The student should take into consideration the destination of their study abroad semester and the relative ease or difficulty of the communication system in the location for obtaining an internship, securing housing in Washington, and getting to know the other students on the program.

CMC students who intend to also study abroad after the Washington Program are subject to a special study abroad application deadline. These students must attend a study abroad orientation before leaving campus. Pomona students planning to study abroad following their semester in D.C. are strongly advised to complete their study abroad application concurrently with their Washington Program application and should contact the Pomona Office of Study Abroad.

Pitzer and Scripps applicants must follow the guidelines from External Studies and Off Campus Study at their respective home school, as well as complete a CMC application.

Any student who withdraws after committing to the Program will pay a $500 withdrawal fee. Furthermore, failure to attend the Orientation meeting is tantamount to withdrawal from the program.

Selection Process

The selection committee takes into consideration academic preparation, writing and analytical skills, maturity and ability to succeed on the Washington Program. The committee considers applicants’ academic records, résumés, and faculty letters of recommendation. Most importantly, the committee conducts a professional interview with each applicant, where students are expected to address their goals for the Washington Program and demonstrate that they have the maturity and organizational skills needed to live independently while they commute to work in a full-time professional setting, and pursue rigorous evening coursework.

Applicants should be able to show that they have researched several organizations at which they would like to intern and that they have a working knowledge of what sort of work they will complete during their internship. Following this professional interview, students receive prompt notice of the selection committee’s decision.

Please note that arranging your own internship in Washington does not guarantee you a place in the program.