Washington Program

Facility & Faculty

The Washington Program is located at 1101 17th Street, N.W., Suite 604, in the heart of downtown. Within blocks of the White House, Farragut Square, and the famed Mayflower Hotel, our address provides a central site for Claremont and its students in Washington, DC.

Elizabeth Spalding, Ph.D.
Dr. Elizabeth Spalding serves as the Director of the Washington Program and is an Associate Professor of Government. Dr. Spalding teaches GOVT 125: Readings in American National Politics. She has been with the Washington Program since 2000.

John Haskell, Ph.D.
Dr. John Haskell is Senior Fellow of the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University. Dr. Haskell teaches GOVT 126: Policy Analysis. He has been a Visiting Assistant Professor of Government for the Washington Program since 2001.

Adam Wolfson, Ph.D.
Dr. Adam Wolfson is the Assistant Chairman for Programs at the National Endowment for the Humanities and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Government. Dr. Wolfson teaches GOVT 127: Research on the Political Process.

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