Gavin Landgraf

Gavin Landgraf ’14 knew he wanted to participate in the Washington Program during his junior year even before enrolling at CMC.

“My interest in public policy drew me to D.C., and I knew the Washington Program, which runs during the academic year instead of over the summer, would be the best way of experiencing the nation’s capital,” he says. “Once I arrived at CMC, Dr. Ken Miller recommended that I apply for the Program and helped me arrange my internship at the law firm Cooper & Kirk.”

Landgraf, a PPE major at CMC remembers the fall of 2012 as an exciting time to be in the U.S. Capitol.

“There is no denying that the Washington Program is demanding, between the academic workload and the full-time job,” he says. “I found that the pressure helped me to build professional habits such as communicating clearly, managing expectations and sticking to a personal schedule. These habits were essential during my senior year at CMC and in the years since D.C.”

After graduating from CMC, Landgraf moved to Sacramento and worked on water policy for the Brown Administration through the California Executive Fellowship. Following that year in Sacramento, he received a Mitchell Scholarship to study for an M.Sc. in Natural Resource Economics in Ireland. 

“I’ve just returned from Dublin,” he says, “where I was working with an economist at Ireland’s principal think thank to value two of the nation’s most important salmon rivers. I am back in California working on a few projects for now, but next year or the year after I will be moving to the East Coast to start at Yale Law School. My professors and mentors from CMC have provided me with invaluable advice and have written, in total, dozens of recommendation letters for my post-CMC endeavors; I am so grateful for their support.”

According to Landgraf, the Washington Program was just one facet (albeit a key facet) of his total CMC experience.”The relationships I built during the Program were certainly one of CMC’s most lasting benefits,” he says. “This spring, I was calling my boss from my D.C. internship to get his advice on law schools.”

And what are Landgraf’s fondest memories from participation in the Program?

“My fondest memories are of the many late-night discussions I had with my classmates Jack Houghteling, Katie Rodihan and Sam Stone,” he says.