Jenna Hussein

Jenna Hussein ’15 is a newly-minted CMC graduate who participated in the Washington Program just three years ago in the fall of 2013. But despite Hussein’s relatively short time-span to date out in the “real world” post-graduation, she, like many CMCers before her (and doubtless many others that will come after) has packed a lot of activity in that duration.

“I graduated in May 2015, backpacked in Europe/West Africa for two months, and began working at an economic consulting firm (Analysis Group) in Los Angeles,” she says. “I am involved with pro bono work through the company and am currently researching the long-term outcomes of HIV treatment programs in Rwanda.”

Hussein’s laser focus speaks specifically to the prime benefit she says she took away from her participation in the Washington Program: Time management. “I was able to learn that by taking in everything that D.C. has to offer,” she says. “Another thing that the Program proved for me is that I’m capable of living a hectic lifestyle.”

According to Hussein (a PPE major at CMC), a prime attraction of the Program was that classes were taught by CMC professors. “The Program, for me, also offered the chance to gain another internship opportunity during the course of my college degree,” she says. “I had never been to DC before and wanted to experience life there and I wanted to challenge myself by working a full-time job and taking a full course load at the same time.” 

Hussein’s fondest memory of the Program was learning from her classmates’ experiences in the lecture halls and the rapture of being completely immersed in politics for the course of the semester.

“The Washington Program is such a boon,” Hussein says. “It’s an opportunity to gain exposure to employment opportunities in D.C, be completely immersed in politics and experience life in the nation’s capital.”

It doesn’t get much better!