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Moving forward on an important initiative

Fall 2014


What is CMC’s response to important behavioral challenges facing colleges across the nation? With the start of the new academic year, President Hiram Chodosh provided the CMC Community with a progress update on the college’s efforts on The Student Imperative which includes the Personal and Social Responsibility (PSR) Initiative. Chodosh explained:

Colleges across the country are grappling with a set of serious behavioral challenges: high-risk drinking and drug abuse, sexual assault, academic dishonesty, and issues of campus climate including identity, diversity, and speech. These challenges threaten the safety, well-being, and effective growth of students, and undermine the core mission of higher education.

Last fall (2013), we introduced the Personal and Social Responsibility Initiative (PSR) as a strategic effort to address the underlying drivers of these harmful behaviors. The Mirza Summit was the first phase of this long-term process. Intimate gatherings of students, faculty, staff, and alumni resulted in healthy debate, critical reflection, and useful suggestions for ways to cultivate responsible decision- making through enhancements to the intellectual and residential lives of our students.

This summer, the Personal and Social Responsibility Initiative moved into a second phase of building a long-term structure and process to take on these major national challenges...

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