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Fall 2015

CMC’s pioneers

Our little college has plenty of traditions and legacies, and I was glad to see that our first female undergrads were celebrated in the Spring issue ("Holding Their Own," spring 2015).  As one of these Pioneers, I feel special pride for the part I played in the College's transition to coeducation.  And even though I'm very glad CMC made that transition, like my fellow pioneers, I wouldn't part with my Claremont Men's College diploma, either!  It's a special badge of pride in our house. I loved seeing all the photos too—such a moment in time—you could tell the era from the clothes and hair! Keep up the great work .
Eileen O’Donnell Goodwin ’81 P’16
Santa Cruz, Calif.

“Unique not eunuch!”

That was the mantra that a portion of the crowd I hung with at CMC voiced as a way to express our support for the incipient efforts regarding transforming Claremont Men’s College into a coed institution that were percolating in the early 1970s.
I am not certain our quip influenced many of the trustees; but certainly we were correct in our belief that going coed would only make CMC a better college.

Harry E. Antoniou  ’74
Redondo Beach, Calif.

Who is he?

Student in a Story HouseEditor’s Note: Endpapers in the Spring issue (“Move over, mashed potatoes”) featured a photo of an unidentified student, circa 1948, reaching for his dinner in the original Story House. Two possible candidates have been suggested by alumni letters below.  A confirmation wasn’t possible with either alumnus (both are deceased), so we invite you to be the judge based on their yearbook graduation photos.

That person is Richard L. Smith, Class of '51. He was a Bus Ad major (of course, in those years) and an Accounting minor. Therefore, a favorite of Dean Briggs. Upon graduation he went to work with Price Waterhouse.  I think Jim Stoessel '50 is also in the picture.





Doug Wood '50
Newport Beach, Calif.

I believe that it is Darryl Jerlow ‘52, later to become president of the student body.  He hailed from the Northern part of the state.  I lived in Story House much of my time at CMC and loved it.  
Steve Barnard ‘55
Newport Beach, Calif.

Oh captain, my captain

Edits of John Sanger’s ’63 splendid account of how the men’s soccer team defeated mighty UCLA back in the 1960s made two oversights that we humbly correct here:  Sanger was not only a member of that amazing team, he also served as its co-captain; and Sanger’s roommate’s name was Korhan Berzeg ’63, not Kork Berzeg ’63.


Class of 1965

In an article in the spring issue about Alumni Weekend, a photo of the Class of 1965 was identified as the Class of 1960.  As it turns out, during their reunion photo, members of the class of 1965 held up a banner for 1960 that was later digitally modified to say 1965.  

Regardless of the cause of the error, gentlemen, we sincerely apologize for making all of you five years older.