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Our CMC Story

Fall 2016

Dear Friends:

As we enjoy reading and turning each of the pages in our CMC story, we should be posing an over-arching question. What binds these richly diverse, parallel narratives together?

  • The leading work of the faculty and alumni on imagination (Amy Kind), religion (Gastón Espinoza), politics (Zach Courser ’99 and Brandi Hoffine ’06), journalism (Michael Shear ’90), China (Minxin Pei), Syria (Chris Temple ’12 and Zach Ingrasci ’12), and our student experiences in DC, Silicon Valley, and abroad; 
  • The opening of three new facilities: the spectacular Roberts Pavilion, the exciting Student Opportunity Center, and the empowering C.A.R.E. Center (Civility, Access, Resources, Expression); and
  • The notable insights on freedom of speech and consent, entrepreneurs and equality, suffragettes and refugees. Our shared purpose and mission drives and unites these stories. We put higher learning to work through our dynamic, integrated liberal arts and leadership commitments. Thank you all for reading along and especially for the contributions you make through your life and work to our CMC story.
  • Very best,