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What are students writing about in their senior theses?

Spring-Summer 2015


D o you remember the topic of your undergraduate thesis? Here’s a sampling of titles from this year’s graduating class to give you an idea about what today’s seniors are tackling:

“Making It Out”: The Cost of Dropping Out of High School on the Health Status of Afro- American Women in Urban Slums
Sesa Essie Bakenra-Tikande

The Impact of Credit Default Swap Introduction on Firm Systematic Risk
Elan M. Bernstein

What Fantasy Can Do for Her: A Critical and Creative Exploration of Secondary and Fractured Worlds
Elizabeth Carolyn Chapin

Untangling the Role of Brand Affect and Brand Trust in Marketing Research
Megan Kerry Coleman

Les Jeunes Français et l’Etat Islamique: Bilan et Strategies Nouvelles
Elaina Maria Faust

Targeting Illegal Immigration Through Development: Case Study of Morocco’s Two-Track Migration
Janice Emmeline Han

The Quest for Female Sexual Agency: An Analysis and Application of Beyonce Knowles’s Career
Haley Lillian Sparks

Auditor Independence in the United States and the Efficacy of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
Isaac Lawrence Thomas

Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Gene Modifications that Contribute to ALS: When in the Cell Cycle They Occur and When in the Cell Cycle They Can Be Silenced?
Jocelyn Nicole Wensel

Monetary Policy and Its Effects on the Greater China Housing Market: A Comparative Analysis of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Yi Min Yan