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The qualities that define us

Winter 2015

CMC President Hiram E. ChodoshWhat are the unique values and commitments that define Claremont McKenna College?

This issue of CMC Magazine renders some powerful answers:

• The bold commitment to take on the toughest challenges in national higher education and to lead by example, illustrated by The Student Imperative;

• The scrappy impulse of our community to start new ventures that make a difference in the lives of others, as reflected in the observations of Emerita President Gann;

• The persistence to finish the race even when we’re too exhausted to go on, as represented by triathlete Whitney Dawson ’12;

• The rich integration of the social and academic student-faculty relationships between our most prodigious professors and most motivated students, epitomized by Emeritus Professor Gordon Bjork;

• The deepest intellectual dedication to explain complexity and find nuance in daunting problems, as exemplified in Professor Jonathan Petropoulos’ new book, Artists Under Hitler;

• The generous commitment to return on value through the targeted philanthropy of our community, celebrated here in the distinguished list of CMC supporters;

And much more.

As we move further into a new year, please join me in celebrating the special commitments that both define and bind our community as Claremont McKenna College.

— Hiram