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Spring-Summer 2016

Meet Stan Stag

Even in our College’s earliest years, when the focus was supposed to be on business, public policy, and pragmatism, there were poets among us.

The Stag that adorns the front cover of this issue of CMC Magazine was born soon after the College’s founding, and in the 1949 Ayer yearbook, a special poetic tribute was paid to this new mascot, named Stan Stag, and to the new school that he represented.

That tribute was penned not by Wordsworth, but by Woodward …. Austin Woodward (pictured), a senior who served as an editor for the Ayer and for The Analyst, CMC’s very first newspaper.

Woodward’s poetry turns out to be pretty darn good. See for yourself. Anyone who can manage to rhyme “a busy schoolin’ year” with “the fam’ly Vandermeulen here” is deserving of very high praise.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – NO’90

Meet Stan Stag