Computer Science Sequence

The computer science sequence is designed to complement almost all, if not all, CMC majors. It provides a substantial course of study in both the theory and practice of computing, beginning with the fundamental concepts and elementary programming using modern programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, and Scheme, and culminating in courses emphasizing both the abstract principles of computer science as well as building systems and applications using modern software development methodologies and tools. Completion of the sequence is listed on students’ transcripts.


Here is a description of the requirements for Computer Science Sequence. For a full major in CS, see the "Computer Science Programs at The Claremont Colleges" section below.

Courses and Schedules

Computer Science Courses and Majors at the other Claremont Colleges

CMC, Harvey Mudd College and Pomona College offer programs in computer science in close collaboration, and most computer science courses offered at the other Claremont Colleges are comparable to CMC courses. CSCI 051, CSCI 052, and CSCI 062 at CMC or Pomona College are collectively equivalent to CSCI 5, CSCI 60, and CSCI 70 at Harvey Mudd College, but they may not be mixed. That is, a student must complete one or the other sequence of courses before taking the upper-division computer science courses at The Claremont Colleges. The computer science courses at The Claremont Colleges are designed so that students completing the computer science sequence at CMC can seamlessly continue on to a full major in computer science at Pomona College or Harvey Mudd College.

Students interested in pursuing a full major must consult with a CMC computer science advisor to ensure they select appropriate courses.

Primary Contact: Professor Arthur Lee

Further Information

For further information on CS programs and courses in Claremont, contact the computer science advisor listed above. Please check here for additional information online.

Computer Science Students

Here is a list of students in Computer Science at CMC.


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