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Date: October 9 - 10, 2004

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The Fall Meeting of the Southern California-Nevada Section of the Mathematical Association of America took place in Las Vegas on Saturday October 9 and Sunday October 10, 2004. Prof. Mario Martelli and students Adam Cox and Christopher Jones attended the meeting. Mario Martelli introduced Ron Graham, President of the MAA and former President of the American Mathematical Society. Prof. Graham was the first official speaker of the meeting and presented the combinatorial work of Archimedes, as we have been recently able to filtrate from an almost ruined copy of the Stomachion. Mario Martelli and the two students gave presentation on Sunday morning at the Contributed Papers Session. Prof. Martelli presented a talk on his recent research about the Chaotic Behavior of the Satellite Hyperion, while Adam Cox and Christopher Jones talked about their work on the Area and the Perimeter of a Plane Region Bounded by two Parallel Curves.



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