The Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences

The Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences

The Claremont Consortium has six independent mathematics programs, staffed collectively by over 50 faculty members. With the enthusiastic endorsement of the six mathematics departments, the Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences (CCMS) was established in April 2007 to provide a way to link all the Consortium mathematics programs operationally without actually merging them, thereby enabling mathematics research and other collaborative initiatives that enhance collaborative activities on campus for faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and provide programs that emphasize creative teaching practice. Thus,

The CCMS aims to promote excellence in research in teaching in mathematics by combining the resources of the individual members of the Claremont Consortium for the benefit of the extended mathematical community.

The Center has two main themes: Research and Outreach. The Research Theme will pursue initiatives that enhance collaborative research on campus—including faculty, and undergraduate and graduate students. The Outreach Theme has several components: Teaching, Service and Diversity. Since Teaching in Claremont has such a high reputation, the Center will provide programs that emphasize superior teaching practice, especially in outreach to the wider mathematical community. Because Claremont has a long and successful experience in bringing faculty and students together with users of mathematics in industry, business and government (Mathematics Clinic), the Center will provide programs to train others in this form of teaching. The Center will organize common Services such as the math colloquium and research seminars. CCMS will be a focus for REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) summer programs. As a contribution toward Diversity, the Center will actively involve minority math students and faculty in Center activities.


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