Article on Louisiana Redistricting Is Stirring up Interest

The Rose Institute of State and Local Government is getting attention for its Louisiana redistricting analysis, an article by Mike Whatley '11 detailing the state's redistricting Post-Katrina, and also examining each current Congressional district.

Louisiana Redistricting: An Ugly Post-Katrina Partisan Mess (The Complete Analysis, made the front page of the Political Wire's CQ on Thursday, Dec. 3.

The analysis appears to be driving readers to the Rose Institute Web site, as the institute's Rose Report has had about 1,075 visitors and 1,381 page views since Monday, Nov. 30, Whatley says.

"Simply put," the CMCer says in his introduction of the Post-Katrina article, "2011 redistricting in Louisiana is likely to be ugly. A combination of factors make the 2011 redistricting a high-stakes situation for both parties and will likely make the process a partisan fight."

Read the full article.

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