CMC to Participate in California ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

On Thursday, Nov. 13 Claremont McKenna College will participate in the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history. With 22 million people living and working in Southern California, a major earthquake in the region could cause an unprecedented catastrophe. What we do now, before a big earthquake, will determine what our lives will be like after. With earthquakes an inevitable part of Southern California's future, Californians must act quickly to ensure that disasters do not become catastrophes.
The ShakeOut drill centers on the ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario, a realistic portrayal of what could happen in a major earthquake on the southern end of the San Andreas Fault. Created by over 300 experts led by Dr. Lucy Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey, the scenario outlines a hypothetical 7.8 magnitude earthquake originating near the Salton Sea, which would have the potential to devastate the region.
Claremont McKenna College has a well-defined emergency preparedness plan. On Thursday, members of the College's Incident Management Team and volunteers will be simulating emergency situations and challenges.
For more information, visit and be sure to visit the official ShakeOut Blog at
While earthquakes cannot be predicted or prevented, steps can be taken to prepare in order to make a difference in how our lives will be after an earthquake. Secure your space by strapping top-heavy furniture, water heaters, and other items to walls or tabletops. Strengthen your buildings walls and foundation if necessary. Of course, it is important to have resources to protect yourself and others should assistance be slow in arriving. Three to 14 days worth of water for each person, non-perishable food, and a fire extinguisher, among other supplies, can be valuable resources to have stored and ready for such a disaster.
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country is a resource developed help individuals and families prepare for earthquakes. The downloadable handbook can be found at and is available in both English and Spanish.

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