CMC's Career Services Center: A Focused Beacon in A Cluttered World of Competing Interests

Yes, there is life after CMC, and the Career Services Center helps students prepare for it. Staffers and student consultants know the collegiate and future roads are paved with signs competing for students' attention. There are opportunities in all majors, chances to go into full-time employment after graduation, and of course, well-traveled paths to graduate school and fellowships for meaningful work and research around the world. The future is big, and so is the need, so the Center's staff works tirelessly to help students identify their own interests, investigate employment and academic opportunities, assess their own skills and abilities, and help present well-rounded individuals to the Big World.

Lately, CMC parents have been encouraged to partner with Career Services by visiting the website. There, parents can post jobs, serve as networking contacts, or simply share career insights.

Under CSC's robust menu of student services, is the very important networking that occurs during Industry Nights, the College's popular brand of career fair. Recruiters and alumni come to campus to talk with students about opportunities within their organizations, and students in turn have the chance to present themselves in a professional environment. Industry Nights are not only well attended, but have proven effective for both student and employer.

Take a peek into the fall's first Industry Nightthis one focusing on accounting and finance.

The Top Five Reasons Why CMC Students Love The Career Services Center

1. Exceptional Alumni Engagement and Networking Our college alumni are "ready to go the distance for our students" when it comes to helping them land jobs and exposing them to career opportunities; in turn, networking is part of the culture here on campusthere is a competitive but collaborative spirit between students, who share the feeling that what is good for one is also good for the College.

2. Strong Recruiting Program Designed both full time and internship, CMC hosts close to 150 firms on campus each year who are interested in hiring CMC students for summer or full-time opportunities. More than 50 percent of recruiters are alumni, representing top companies from around the country.

3. A focus on internships and our flagship Sponsored Internship Program CMC's administration and faculty, starting with President Pamela Gann down, are ardent champions of internship opportunities for our students. These are often employment opportunities, but they are also life experiences fostering personal growth and a global perspective which make our graduates more knowledgeable and marketable.

4. Amazing Faculty Support Our professors care about our students and their successes, and consistently alert Career Services Center to job and internship opportunities. They talk with company representatives and refer students to opportunities regularly.

5. A very "student-focused" office Twenty-one students are hired as student representatives each year to staff the office and be the eyes and ears of the Center. They report on the good things Career Services does, as well as areas that can be improved "which makes us a better office," director Diana Seder says. The consultants assist fellow students with locating resources and information, reviewing resumes and cover letters, and answering questions. "We get a lot of work done in our office, but we also have a really good time."

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