CMC's John-Clark Levin Recalls His Adventures onJeopardy! for Nov. 1 Wall Street Journal

CMC's John-Clark LevinEver wonder what it's like to be a contestant on Jeopardy!? If you nodded yes, you'll want to check out John-Clark Levin's piece for the Monday, Nov. 1 issue of The Wall Street Journal. The newly-graduated CMCer (Class of 2012) spent practically his whole junior year waiting for the game show's coordinators to audition him in person, then the first months of his senior year on "pins and needles" for a call back, saying they wanted him on the show. (Read more.)
Well, almost an exact year after he auditioned in August 2011, Levin was called on short notice to tape on Aug. 21, 2012which happened to be his birthday. Then, just when the show he appeared on was set to air Monday night on Oct. 29, a certain superstorm Sandy temporarily knocked it off KABC Channel 7's radar. The storm's news coverage would preempt the game show, and Levin would find himself using Facebook to update his friends and family.
(The episode has since been posted, in full, on the station's Jeopardy! website.)
Storm or no storm, Levin's experience as a contestant was humorously and colorfully captured in his behind-the-scenes piece for The Wall Street Journal: "And the Jeopardy! Answer is: Buzz First." Read it in full. Watch the full episode

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