Op-Ed by Professor Haley Featured in Nov. 13 Christian Science Monitor

Professor Edward HaleyP. Edward Haley, the W.M. Keck Foundation Chair of International and Strategic Studies and director of CMC's Center for Human Rights Leadership, has just published an opinion piece in the Nov. 13 issue of The Christian Science Monitor. Haley's Op-Ed, Balkan conflicts hold clear lessons on intervention in Syria, outlines the killing of more than 36,000 (and counting) people in Syria and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of others, while Russia, China, and the United States remain "deadlocked in the United nations over intervention."

Writes Haley: President Obama's re-election frees him from domestic political pressures, so the U.S., the EU, and Turkey must build a broad coalition, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan, to act in Syria.

Haley says leaders from those countries should consider what the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo can teach about "what can and cannot be achieved by outside intervention."

Read the full Op-Ed.

Haley served on the staffs of members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, as Dean of the School of International Studies at the University of the Pacific, and as Fulbright senior specialist. His most recent books are Strategic Foreign Assistance: Civil Society in International Security (Hoover Institution Press, 2006), and Strategies of Dominance: The Misdirections of U.S. Foreign Policy (Woodrow Wilson Center/Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006).

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