Professor Haley To Discuss U.S. Foreign Policy Strategy

Professor P. Edward Haley will discuss "United States Strategy in the 21st Century" at Claremont McKenna College's Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13. The lecture marks his installation as W. M. Keck Foundation Chair of International Strategic Studies. Professor Haley's comments are based on his book in progress, Strategies of Dominance. The lecture is free and open to the public, and seating is available on a first-come basis. The Athenaeum is located at 385 East Eighth Street, at the intersection of Eighth and Amherst Streets in Claremont.
Haley's book argues that American foreign policy strategy has moved along an arc from modesty, self-restraint, and multilateralism in the first Bush administration to zeal, universalism, and unilateralism in the current Bush administration. His lecture will be a preview of his forthcoming book, a study of American strategy and diplomacy since the end of the Cold War that traces the underlying assumptions of each administration regarding U.S. interests and threats to those interests.
Haley holds the W.M. Keck Foundation Chair in International Strategic Studies at CMC and is acting director of the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies. He has been an international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign relations, served as a foreign affairs assistant in Congress and in the Senate, and was dean of the School of International Studies at the University of the Pacific.
This lecture is part of the ongoing Athenaeum series "Faculty Ideas in Progress."

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