Professor Myhre Elected President of Southern California Chapter, American Statistical Association

Janet Myhre, the Dengler-Dykema Professor of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, has been elected to the office of President for the Southern California Chapter of the American Statistical Association (SCASA) effective in fall 2003.
Professor Myhre has taught Mathematics at CMC since 1962, and was awarded the Claremont McKenna College Crocker Award for Merit for Excellence in teaching, research, publications and contributions to the life of the college in May 1983. In 1999, she was awarded Commendation for Excellence in Problem Solving and Research Contributions to Strategic Systems Programs by the United States Navy. She has been founding director and principal fund raiser for CMC's Reed Institute for Decision Science since 1975. Professor Myhre has also written and contributed to numerous books and articles, including Randomness on the Road to Chaos in 1990 and Planning Manufacturing Capacity in August 1974.
Founded in 1839, the American Statistical Association (ASA) is the second oldest professional association in the country. Its mission statement is "To be a world leader in promoting statistical practice, applications, and research; publishing statistical journals; improving statistical education; and advancing the statistics profession."
Since then, the ASA has grown to more than 16,000 members in the U.S., Canada, and overseas. ASA members apply their expertise in areas including research in medicine such as AIDS, the exploration of space, the examination of social issues such as the homeless and poor, the setting of standards for statistics used at all levels of government, and the expansion of methods and the use of computers and graphics to advance the science of statistics.
Professor Myhre said she was pleased to be elected president and "continue to work with very congenial and professional statisticians who are dedicated to furthering both statistical theory and statistical applications. I am eager to promote statistics, statistical thinking and decision science not only with professionals in the field but also with high school and college students."

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