Professor Riggio Reflects On Coach John Wooden in Psychology Today Blog

Ronald Riggio, director of the Kravis Leadership Institute at CMC, recalls the daysome 10 years agowhen the late, legendary basketball coach and Hall of Famer John Wooden came to campus to accept an award for outstanding leadership.
"He spoke about his well-known Pyramid of Success, a grouping of 25 behaviors that together create character," notes Riggio. "It is best known as a path for personal or athletic success, but it is also a blueprint for great leadership."
Riggio, who both sat with Wooden at dinner that evening, and presented him the award, reflects on their encounter in a blog for Psychology Today, dated June 5, 2010.
"Coaching was not about him," Riggio writes, "but about the student athletes and the success of their shared endeavor. The very best leaders are confident but display great humility."
Read more of Riggio's recollections and observations about Coach Wooden.

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