Scheduled Demolition Paves Way for Kravis Center Progress

Thanks to recent approval by the City of Claremont Architectural Commission, construction crews are starting anew at the Kravis Center site, with expected demolition of existing structures to commence the week of December 22. The work will include removal of concrete sidewalks and excavation of underground utility lines that will serve Roberts North during the course of the Kravis Center construction. The Center was designed by renowned architect Rafael Vi?oly (pictured).
"After much waiting and anticipation, we will now see some activity on the project site, namely the demolition of the existing structures," says CMC Director of Construction Frank Perri. "All members of the project team are very eager to start the bricks and mortar of the project. In order to move forward with that work, we'll need to create a clean canvas from which to begin. The demolition work will allow that process to startsort of the end of the beginning, as Churchill once stated."
(Read more about the new Kravis Center in CMC, featuring an interview with Rafael Vi?oly-Menendez, the Los Angeles-based project director for New York's Rafael Vi?oly Architects PC, the team that is creating the new Kravis Center:
Perri says the CMC community should be prepared for potential inconveniences during site work activity, including the possible intermittent closures of bathrooms in Roberts South and North while domestic water and sanitary sewer lines are disconnected and reconnected. Although attempts will be made to schedule that work during off-hours, or with 24 hours advance notice to those affected, "we do ask for your patience during the next few weeks," he says.
Crews hope to minimize campus disruption by starting demolition work on or about Dec. 22, when fall classes have ended. However, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning utilities will not be completed until mid-January for Roberts North, which prevents comfort heating or cooling in that building until then.
"We do believe that all systems will be up and running at the start of the spring semester," Perri says.
Upon completion of the demolition, Perri says crews will begin installation of the earth retention system (shoring) and mass excavation (earthwork).

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