Shoes That Fit Program Helps Local Children

Shoes That Fit, a program to provide underprivileged children and teenagers with new shoes and clothing, was started at The Claremont Colleges in 1992 and has grown to a nationwide network of 408 schools in 25 states.

To support a child with a gift of new shoes or donation for purchase of new shoes by the organization, drop by or call the Career Services Center at extension 77066 to be given the name and age of a local child in need. Shoes That Fit "was established to help build the self esteem of needy schoolchildren by providing them with shoes and clothing, and that's one of the most worthy causes I can think of," said Beth Ricca, assistant director of Career Services and program coordinator.

Deadline for the current shoe drive is Friday, Nov. 22, but participation is welcome throughout the year, Ricca said.

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