Study Abroad

Freshman/First-Year Student Timeline

What to accomplish as a first-year student:

  • Settle in to Campus Life.
  • Take General Education courses
  • Begin coursework in your major
  • Study - Get good grades. Your GPA is very important!
  • Explore the CMC Study Abroad Website
  • Pre-Med Majors - Plan Early
  • Continue with advanced language study; some programs have no language pre-requisite, however, others require one through five semesters of college-level language study. With the exceptions in Asia, if the language is taught at The Claremont Colleges, a minimum of one semester of language is required. Note: First Semester language courses are only taught during fall semester at The Claremont Colleges.
  • Oxford University expects applicants to have completed four or five courses in your major before applying. NOTE: Students apply a year in advance. Study at Oxford is for an academic year only. Semester-length study at Oxford is not available.
  • Attend an advertised Intro to Study Abroad Meeting.
  • Spring semester freshman year, make an appointment with a study abroad advisor. You can gain assistance in planning your course selection for sophomore year and, your study abroad experience.