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Welcome to Career Services @ the Soll Center for Student Opportunity! The team is devoted to helping you grow personally and professionally during your time at CMC. We have a variety of programs and services for all students. Whether you are a first-year student, a senior, an international student, or someone transferring into Claremont McKenna College, we are here for you and want to be a part of your journey. Please stop by our exciting, new office on the ground floor of Frazee (across from the Hub) to learn more or review some highlights below.

Career Counseling

Individualized career counseling is a hallmark of CMC Career Services. Primarily, students interact with our fabulous career counselors in two ways. Freshman and transfer students will be assigned a career coach through their WOA (Wilderness Outdoor Adventure) group assignment. The WOA groups will meet with their assigned counselor in October, to review resources and services available, as well as get each student started on their customized journey to personal and professional growth.

Returning students can select which career coach they would like to meet with based on the interest cluster(s) most relevant to their pursuits. You can easily make an appointment through Handshake, our new online communication and recruiting system to either explore specific interest or dive deeper into a specific sector. Career coaches can be especially helpful in:

  • Self-Exploration – Knowing yourself, your interests, and what excites you are key to a successful life journey. Let our certified counselors help you learn more about yourself through:
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® - The MBTI assessment is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. With a proven record of reliability spanning more than 50 years, it offers a foundation for understanding individual differences and applying that understanding to the ways people think, communicate, and interact.
    • Truity - Truity is a website that allows you to see how your MBTI results impact your satisfaction in careers and relationships. If you haven't taken the MBTI, reach out and schedule an appointment via Handshake. It is free to all Claremont McKenna students. If you have, you can peruse the Truity website. Each career is hyperlinked for additional resources.
    • Strong Interest Inventory® - The Strong Interest assessment is used to help you understand your work interests and to show you some kinds of work in which you might be comfortable. The Strong is not a test of your abilities; it is an inventory of your interests. Your results will be presented to you in a Strong Interest Inventory profile or report and interpreted by a trained counselor.
  • Resource Exploration – Interested in studying abroad? Want to explore off-campus volunteer opportunities? Unsure of how your academic choices will impact your career goals? You may be surprised to learn that your academic pursuit does not dictate your career path!
  • Industry Exploration – We can help you research potential industries and employers! Please review the links below for more information.
  • Identifying each student’s unique combinations of skills, interests and experiences
  • Transferable skills
  • Identifying important experiential or extra-curricular opportunities offered at CMC to help round out student experience and leadership
  • How to Brand Yourself on LinkedIn
Strategic Planning
  • Internships - Internships are a very important part of your personal and professional growth, as they teach us what we want, as well as what we do not want, in our post-graduate lives. We encourage students to use internships to explore their interests, try something new, or work/volunteer internationally. To learn more about how to pursue an internship opportunity, please make an appointment with a career coach or review the Internship Database to see where other CMC students have interned over the years.
    We also have a robust Sponsored Internship Program (SIP), where you can receive funding to work with an organization, domestically or internationally. The deadline for SIP is early in the Spring semester (typically February for international internships and March for domestic internships). You do not need to have secured an internship to apply for funding, and throughout the years, over 75% of SIP applications have received funding. You work with an organization to develop a unique project, and we will fund a select number of proposals annually.
  • Fulltime - CMC has a great connection with alumni and professionals who are interested in hiring you! Our Handshake database allows you to search for jobs and internships with companies of interest. You can filter results to meet your needs, whether it is company type, company industry, or locality of the organization. Please come by the Center and meet with a Career Consultant to learn how to set up your profile and upload your resume.
  • Graduate School/Fellowships – We can assist you in both preparing for, and applying to, graduate school and fellowships. We offer practice testing opportunities and counseling for those interested in teaching, professional schools (medical, law and business) and other graduate programs. Please see Graduate School Information and Testing for more information.
  • Exploratory Networking – Exploratory Networking focuses on learning. Students are encouraged to reach out to alumni, parents and personal connections to discover the unknown. The goal is a broadened awareness of the countless fields, personalities, environments, and trajectories available to CMC students.
  • Strategic Networking – Strategic Networking involves connecting with specific individuals for a purpose, such as learning about the company culture in preparation for an interview, attempting to get an introduction to a contact in a specific department, or seeking advice on how to get your resume noticed.
  • Networking Treks – The Soll Center for Student Opportunity, Career Services, and other institutions/departments across CMC, offer annual Networking Treks to undergraduate students. The treks are an experiential trip to Industry Centers across the country that takes place during Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter breaks. This video from a 2017 trip to San Francisco offers a glimpse into why you should consider applying to one or more of these networking trek opportunities.
  • Resources
Internships and Fulltime Opportunities
  • Create a Customized Search - Schedule an appointment with a career coach on Handshake to learn more!
  • Handshake - The Handshake database allows you to search for jobs and internships with companies of interest. You can filter results to meet your needs, whether it is company type, company industry, or locality of the organization. Tips include:
    • Complete your profile, including the Career Interests section, which allows our staff to target messages to your interests
    • Upload your resume so that trusted employers can review your qualifications
    • Drop-in at the Soll Center for Student Opportunity anytime, M-F 9am-5pm, and meet with one of our trained Career Consultants
  • LinkedIn - Leverage the world’s largest professional network to build relationships and connect with opportunity. Tips include:
    • A CMC staff member explains how CMC students can best use LinkedIn
    • Build a Profile
      • Build out your profile by referencing the LinkedIn Profile Guide
      • Be sure to add Claremont McKenna College to your profile
    • Find Alumni
      • Using the search box on the LinkedIn home page, type in "Claremont McKenna College" and select "People Who Studied at Claremont McKenna College." Your search should reveal nearly 11,000 results, which you can then filter and search. Pro tip? After finding the names of those that you want to connect with in LinkedIn, search for their private email address in the CMC Alumni Career Contacts Database. After you connect via email, telephone or in-person, you can then send them a LinkedIn request to memorialize the connection!
    • Job Search
      • Add "Claremont McKenna College" to your education section of LinkedIn. This will give you access to thousands of alumni and current students, many who may be interested in helping you in your next steps. LinkedIn users who add an education will receive 7x the amount of profile views, helping you make new connections.
      • Use LinkedIn Job Search to harness the power of your network to uncover insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search
      • Looking for freelance opportunities? Try LinkedIn's ProFinder!
Nuts and Bolts
  • Applications for internships, fulltime jobs, fellowships and graduate school
  • Test preparation
  • Essays/Personal Statement
  • Resumes
    • VIDEO: A CMC staff member explains how to draft a great resume (password: Resume)
    • We welcome drop-ins for resume review
    • Resume Resources is available for more information
  • Cover Letters
    • VIDEO: A CMC staff member explains how to draft a great cover letter (password: Letter)
  • Mock Interviews
  • Salary/Offer Negotiation
  • Dining and Etiquette 

We want you to be successful during your time at CMC! We encourage you to schedule an appointment via Handshake, stop by our office, and use our resources during each of your four years.

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