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Wall Street Oasis is one of the fastest growing and most entertaining finance communities online. With over 200,000 posts to date, 2.5 million page views and over 500,000 visits a month, you can be sure that your questions will get answered in our finance forums by experienced professionals.  WSO also provides several services to help as you progress through your business career. We offer financial modeling training, professional finance resume review services as well as access to top Wall Street careers through our job board.

Our publications include:

Technical Interview Guide – This 80+ page guide is a compilation of the most common technical questions encountered in Wall Street interviews (investment banking, private equity, sales & trading and more). This guide was created to provide prospective financiers a thorough review in a format that allows the reader to start at the most basic technical questions and gradually build to the most advanced.

Behavioral Interview Guide – This guide is a compilation of over 100 of the most common behavioral / fit questions encountered in Wall Street interviews with detailed advice and examples. This guide was created to provide prospective financiers a quick review and includes advice on asking the interviewer questions (with over 30 sample questions to ask).

Networking Guide – This 27 page guide is a thorough introduction into the fine art of networking. Worried you aren't sending the right Thank You note? This guide can help with specific examples. Wondering how to broaden your search and improve your chances of landing that coveted interview? Then again, this guide is for you.

Breaking into Private Equity & Venture Capital – This guide can help you land your dream job in private equity or venture capital by demystifying the notoriously opaque private equity and venture capital recruiting process. The key to breaking into private equity is to plan ahead because private equity recruiting is both highly competitive and formulaic. It can be virtually impossible to break into this industry without having first accessed the right recruiting channels. Private equity firms are often very lean, which means that new hires must be able to hit the ground running with minimal training. The good news is that there are many different paths into private equity from all sorts of disparate backgrounds if you are willing to be tenacious and plan ahead. This guide can help you make the right decisions in order to chart your personal course toward you dream job.

Make Your Case: Master Consulting Interviews – This 133 page guide includes 10 original practice cases and is the only tool you will need to master the consulting case interview. This guide was created to provide prospective management consultants a thorough review of the consulting interview process so they can successfully land that competitive position at McKinsey, Bain, BCG and other top consulting firms.

Hedge Fund Career Guide – Want a competitive advantage in the hedge fund job market?  The Hedge Fund Careers Guide gives you an inside look at the hedge fund industry to give you that advantage. This guide will walk you through all aspects of the industry and better prepare you for your job search process.

A Look Behind the Wall –WallStreetOasis.com has collaborated with its most knowledgeable users to provide one of the most detailed, entertaining and insightful publications to hit Wall Street in years.   Each of our contributors has offered a personal and candid look into their work lives: how they got there, what it’s like, and the traits and skills that have been necessary for them to succeed. Your mileage may vary, of course; details will differ between firms, years, and geographic areas. However, our contributors’ stories provide data points that should be helpful as you do your own analysis. Included in the guide are chapters on investment banking, private equity, venture capital, private wealth management, hedge funds and management consulting.

The Guide to Understanding TARP – Want to impress your colleagues and interviewers with how much you know about this $700 Billion behemoth of legislation? Curious where all your tax dollars are going? Then this guide is for you.  In order to foster intelligent debate on the relative merits of TARP, it is first necessary to present an unbiased overview of the plan in plain English. To that end, we have endeavored to present the facts in an orderly, understandable format.  This guide is a primer on the genesis and execution of the Troubled Assets Relief Program as it is set forth in Public Law 110-343 approved on October 3, 2008.

The Business School Bible – This guide gives you over 500 pages of practical, hands-on advice that answers six fundamental questions:  1. Which top business school should I apply to?  2. What do admissions officers look for in applicants?  3. How competitive am I compared to other applicants?  4. How do I put together the best possible application?  5. What is life like as a business school student?  6. What kinds of career paths are available to MBA graduates?

The Guide to Trading Stocks & Options – The Guide to Trading Stocks and Options will provide you much more than the strategies needed to take advantage of bullish and bearish trends. You will learn how to combine the necessary elements of strategy selection and market timing in the context of risk management, due diligence and exit strategies to form a complete system of trading.

The Finance Internship Guide – This is a complete guide to getting through your summer internship in finance or consulting. Whether you are wondering what to wear, how to do your work, or how to manage your money, this 30-page guide has it all. Following this guide will make getting through the summer as painless as possible, so that you can have the exciting, rewarding experience you deserve. The sections of this guide include:  1. Introduction: Why this Guide Exists, 2. Preliminaries: Before the Internship, 3. Clothing: Principles and Guidelines, 4. Training Week, 5. On the Job: Succeeding at Work, 6. Networking and Relationship Management, 7. Procedural: Performance Attribution, HR, and Expense Accounts, 8. After Work: Making Money and Having Fun.

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