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Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC)

ASCMC, Inc. is the official student government of the Claremont McKenna college student body. Its mission is to serve, represent, and lead the students of CMC. Registered as a nonprofit corporation with the State of California, ASCMC is run by a Board of Directors led by the President, with the aid of the Vice President. Other elected members of the Board include the Social Affairs Council Chairperson, Dormitory Affairs Council Chairperson, Student Life Council Chairperson, Clubs and Organizations Chairperson, and Class Presidents. Appointed positions on the Board of Directors include the Chief Financial Officer, Senate President Pro-Tempore, Executive Secretary and Presidential Advisors. With the exception of President Pro-Tempore, the terms for the Board of Directors run from spring break to spring break, with elections usually two weeks before the transition.

ASCMC Student Senate is headed by the Vice President. The senate is the legislative branch and serves as a complementary balance to the Board of Directors.

Two senators are elected by each dormitory at the beginning of each semester to act as liaison between members of the dormitory and the Corporation. Additionally, any student can become a Senator after attending three consecutive Senate meetings. There are several standing committees maintained by Senate.

Social Affairs council (SAC) is an event-planning body that plays an integral roll in developing and fostering CMC’s on-campus social life. The Council assists the Chair in organizing events, which are usually open to all five colleges.

Dormitory Affairs Council (DAC) focuses on dormitory activities and events. The council is composed of the Dormitory Presidents and is overseen by the Dormitory Affairs Chair. The DAC often collaborates with the SAC in hosting events.

Student Life Council (SLC) is responsible for coordinating and promoting on- and off-campus events and activities at which there is no alcohol. Overseen by the Chair, the council serves as an advisory group to the Chair and assists with planning and executing events. The Council is composed of two board members from SAC, DAC and Student Senate, as well as any other associate members appointed by the Council.

ASCMC is always searching for students interested in participating in the governance of the student body. Students interested in elected offices, appointed positions, or volunteer roles are encouraged to contact any ASCMC official.

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