Financial Aid

Financial Aid Forms

You must submit signed copies of your parent(s) and your complete 2014 U.S. income tax return(s) to the College Board's document imaging service (IDOC) to begin the evaluation of your financial aid eligibility. You can visit the IDOC website at for more information.

Prospective freshmen may submit copies of your 2013 tax documents directly to the Office of Financial Aid if the 2014 return is not available before March 1. However, all students must still submit copies of your and your parent(s) 2014 income tax return to IDOC as soon as possible or no later than May 1 to complete the evaluation of your final award. Some prospective freshman will also need to submit a Noncustodial Parent form to the College Board's Parent Profile Service. The College Board will contact students via email after they submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE application if a Noncustodial Parent form will be required from the student. That email will instruct students how to submit the Noncustodial Parent form to the College Board.

The following supplemental forms have been placed here for your convenience. However, not all students are required to complete them. Please do not submit these forms unless you have been requested to do so by the Office of Financial Aid. We will contact you if any of the following documents are needed to complete your financial aid package.

2015 - 2016 Financial Aid Forms

2016 - 2017 Financial Aid Forms