Groups of students sit around the fountains at the Kube. Text overlay reads: "Claremont McKenna College / LEARN. LEAD. SUCCEED."


At Claremont McKenna College, our diverse intellectual and social community is fueled by a greater ambition—to put collaborative, responsive, and responsible leadership to work for everyone.

Here, you will ask big questions, solve complex problems, freely share viewpoints, reimagine research opportunities, nourish individual passions, and develop lifelong friendships with peers, faculty, staff, and alumni—forever bonding you to our close-knit residential oasis in Southern California.

Our admission process is based on a holistic, thoughtful review that considers a broad range of factors. At CMC, the liberal arts learner excels in situations that require ingenuity and adaptability thanks to a wide-ranging, interwoven curriculum taught by world-class faculty. Outside the classroom, students are encouraged to pursue multiple interests as a way to lead others and contribute to the growth of everyone around them. As you begin evaluating what you want out of a college experience, reflect on these key questions:

How does your leadership impact the entire community?

Learning to lead at CMC requires open-minded inquiry and the confidence to speak up, the curiosity to explore broadly divergent viewpoints, and the intellectual and social skills to reconcile them. Our leadership community works diligently to solve problems and affect positive change together. Can you build meaningful relationships with people who might disagree with you? Navigate the unknown with entrepreneurial courage? Demonstrate resilience amidst crisis and change? CMCers inspire by example. Because of our small class sizes and shared social warmth, you will make a difference.

How do you extend engagement beyond the classroom?

CMC students are drawn to experiential opportunities that pair real-world impact with interpersonal development. Our intensely residential environment means you will interact with faculty, staff, and alumni on a first-name basis—as real peers and partners, not just a number. A culture of individualized mentorship coupled with unbridled opportunity gives students the power to amplify their internal purpose. It’s how CMCers develop stronger policy, ensure ethical decision making, counter ignorance with truth, and learn through and across differences.

What is your potential to benefit from and contribute to CMC’s mission?

Our multifaceted scholar-leaders are not only academic all-stars with stellar GPAs, but they place the highest priority on being creative, inquisitive, and inclusive in their interests. CMCers look for ways to expand critical thinking and meaningful discussion across a spectrum of disciplines, professions, and personal causes. We want students to acquire and apply knowledge, to debate and deconstruct provocative ideas, to learn from and allow others to make mistakes. To do well—and do good.


  • Located in Claremont, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles
  • About 1,400 undergraduates
  • 48 U.S. states and territories
  • 42 foreign countries
  • 14% international students
  • 42% domestic students of color
  • 21% first-generation students
  • 51% female, 49% male
  • 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • 18 students, average class size
  • 33 CMC majors and 12 sequences
  • 90% of seniors participate in at least one internship
  • 75% of seniors work on advanced research with faculty
  • Shared resources through The Claremont Colleges
  • Clustered both geographically and academically, The Claremont Colleges consortium—five undergraduate (“the 5Cs”) and two graduate schools—uniquely enables students to attend a small, tightly-focused college even as they enjoy the benefits of a bigger, unified campus. CMC, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps are literally across the street from one another, so everything is within walking distance!
  • Nearly 6,000 undergraduates among the 5Cs
  • More than 2,000 courses offered for cross-enrollment
  • All-campus dining privileges at seven dining halls and numerous 5Cs events
  • Nearly 100 percent of CMC students take one class at another Claremont campus

Read about our newest Class of 2025 and learn more about CMC through our online Fact Sheet.


The best way to fully understand the power and purpose of CMC is to experience it for yourself!

CMC’s Office of Admission welcomes prospective students and their families throughout the academic year and summer for in-person and virtual campus tours, information sessions, and other engagement opportunities. If you are able to travel to campus, we highly recommend visiting while classes are in session.

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