Martelli Lectures at MathFest 2004

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Date: August 14, 2004

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Mario Martelli was invited to deliver the Student Lecture at MathFest, the Summer Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, in Providence, Rhode Island, on August 14, 2004. Mario's talk was on the strategy used by Brunelleschi to build the dome of the cathedral of Firenze without using scaffolding. Mario was assisted by his wife and by CMC math major Adam Cox '06. Mario's wife acted as the historian of the events, and Adam represented Paolo Toscanelli, a mathematician who helped Brunelleschi in the construction. Mario, his wife, and Adam were dressed appropriately, as you can see from the pictures! The room where the talk was given was full to capacity with many people standing in the back. Mario and his assistants have already been invited to repeat the performance in other places.



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