2011 Alumni Weekend Unites Alumni and Students

Yet another school year has come and gone, but not before former students had the opportunity to return to CMC, if only for a few days, and relive their college days during Alumni Weekend. Whether it was Monte Carlo night, the three-college wine tasting event, a presentation by the Rose Institute, the ROTC Target Shoot, or anything else CMC related, the weekend promised nothing but a great time.
The excitement of Alumni Weekend festivities was enhanced by a change in plans. Much to the delight of those attending, the reunion was moved from after Commencement to the weekend of April 29-May 1, taking place during the spring semester. This change in date allowed for more interaction between students, faculty, and returning alumni at a variety of events, including Monte Carlo night, a convening of the Winston Churchill Society, and lunch from gourmet food trucks on campus.
The shift in calendar also allowed for the coordination of CMC's reunion weekend with those of the other 5C's. Interaction between the schools is part of what makes The Claremont Colleges such a vibrant community, and reunion weekend is a great opportunity for alumni to reconnect with friends from the other colleges.
Alumni also had the opportunity to return to the classroom and experience our top-notch faculty. Jack Pitney, the Crocker Professor of Politics, lectured on the 2012 presidential election, exploring the list of potential Republican candidates as well as the viability of President Obama's bid for re-election. The Robert A. Day Distinguished Professor of Accounting, Marc Massoud, spoke about new financial standards and whether or not this novel language of economics was necessary.
One of the more exciting events of the weekend was the Monte Carlo night held in McKenna auditorium. Alumni and students had the chance to try their hand at some poker, best a dealer in a game of blackjack, or court lady luck in a game of craps. With a live band performing in front of the fountain and a James Bond movie playing on the big screen, the atmosphere was set for a great event.
Tammy Phan '11, former ASCMC president, remarked that it was a great time for students, both past and present, to bond over what makes CMC so great. "Current students gambling next to alumni took advantage of the opportunity to talk to them about their experiences while at CMC. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, whether they were placing bets on cards or sharing memories over a few beers."
Our Flickr photo gallery from Alumni Weekend can be viewed here.

- Kevin Amirdjanian 14

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