Faculty Student Research

The Lowe Institute sponsors faculty-student research projects on a wide range of economic topics over the summer and academic school year. Recent faculty student research projects include studies on the relationship between Chinese asset prices and inflation, the economics of oil shocks and terrorism, an empirical analysis of auction theory using Starbuck gift cards, and the determinants of Indian wars during the nineteenth century.

2015-16 Lowe Faculty Research

Gender Bias in Supervisor Evaluations of Employees? Evidence from Principal Evaluations of Teachers
David Bjerk

Strategic Interactions in the Regulatory Environment and Output Market: Implications for General Deterrence
Mary Evans

Ranking Economics Journals Using Simple Metrics that Account for Heterogeneous Article Impact
Darren Filson

Analysis of Economic Conditions in the Inland Empire
Manfred Keil

The Decline of Public Firms in Mature Economies
Janet Smith

Bank Recapitalization and the Origins of Too-Big-To-Fail
Angela Vossmeyer

The Bank Holiday of 1933 and the Largest One-Day Stock Market Gain
Marc Weidenmier

2014-15 Student Research Assistants

Lakshay Akula HMC’17
Sarah Baker ’17
Audrey Breitwieser ’16
Mitchell Bremermann ’16
Aviv Caspi ’16
Caroline Chmiel ’18
Lauren D’Souza ’18
Zjin (Lydia) Fu ’18
Kendall Greenberg ’18
Jinlin (Dennis) Gu ’17
Han (Joann) Jia ’17
Nina Kamath ’16
Jacob Landsberg (Claremont High) ’17
Hee Yoon (Chloe) Lee ’16
H Yicong Lin ’16
Aakriti Mohit ’18
Xiaoyang Qian ’17
Alessandra Savino ’16
Bruce Service ’17
Fred Crawford Taylor ’15
Maxwell Urman ’17
Yunyi (Joanna) Wang ’17
Danmai Xiang ’15
Andrew Yeh ’17
Yi (Nora) Zhang ’17


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