Lowe Institute of Political Economy

Faculty-Student Research Program

The Lowe Institute sponsors faculty-student research projects on a wide range of economic topics over the summer and academic school year. Recent faculty student research projects include studies on the relationship between Chinese asset prices and inflation, the economics of oil shocks and terrorism, an empirical analysis of auction theory using Starbuck gift cards, and the determinants of Indian wars during the nineteenth century.

2014-15 Lowe Faculty Research

Say Goodbye to Hollywood: The Performance Discrepancy of Franchise Films between the Domestic and Foreign Box Office
Darren Filson

Determinants of Commuting
Manfred Keil

Family Environment and Gender Differences in High School Math and Science Achievement
Serkan Ozbeklik

University Endowments, Governance, and Socially Responsible Investing
Janet Kiholm Smith

Corporate Governance and the Creation of the SEC
Marc Weidenmier

2014-15 Student Research Assistants

Lakshay Akula HMC ‘17
Sophie Chou ‘16
JiYoung Huh ‘15
Han Jia ‘17
Yicong Lin ‘16
Martin Sartorius ‘15
Connor Schlegel ‘15
Tongjia Shi ‘15
Fred Crawford Taylor ‘16
Danmai Xiang ‘15
Vicky Yang ‘15
Jacquelyn Zehner ‘15