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Important Dates

For deadlines and other important dates, refer to the Academic Calendar.

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Registration Information

During the add/drop period (after the conclusion of pre-registration through the add deadline on the tenth day of the semester) all academic courses require instructor permission to add. The "Requirements" link next to each course on the online course schedule will tell you the specific restrictions for any course.

Clear Any Holds

If you have a hold on your registration from Student Accounts, Financial Aid, the Library, or any other campus office, you will not be able to make changes to your schedule. Contact the office that placed the hold to determine what you need to do to resolve the issue.

Instructor PERMission

Get instructor permission as needed. If you need permission to register for a specific course, you need to obtain that permission by means of the "request permission" feature within the portal. You can request permission for any course that is closed to you or that requires instructor permission for any reason. The instructor will decide whether to approve your request, deny it, or approve it on the condition that the course is not already filled to capacity.

Administrative Drops

If a student fails to attend the first two meetings of a course (or one course meeting for courses meeting only one time per week) and the absences were not approved in advance by the instructor, the faculty member of record may ask the Registrar to drop the student from the course. However, students will not be automatically dropped from a course they do not attend. Dropping courses in a timely manner is the responsibility of the student. The Registrar may permit reinstatement into a dropped course when documented circumstances beyond the student's control prevented the student from attending the course and communicating with the instructor.

Off-Campus Study

Students who have been accepted for off-campus study or exchange programs next semester should not pre-register for courses at CMC unless their plans may change. Registrations for these students will be deleted two weeks prior to the start of the semester, unless they have notified the Registrar's Office that they will be attending CMC next semester.

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Course Load and Overloads

All degree-seeking undergraduate students may pre-register for up to 4.0 units of academic course credit along with up to 0.75 course unit of co-curricular partial-credit courses, such as music lessons, ROTC, Speech and Debate, or theatre performance. Students who have completed at least 3.0 units of academic courses in the immediately preceding semester and who received a semester grade point average of at least 10.50 may overload up to a total of 5.0 course units of academic course credit starting the first day of the new semester. Students may not exceed 6.0 units of total credit, including co-curricular partial-credit courses. Overloading students who receive a low grade notice in any course (except PE) must drop back to no more than 4.0 units of academic credit. These students may remain enrolled in an additional 0.75 unit of co-curricular credit, not to exceed 4.75 total units. 3/2 majors and Science and Management majors may pre-register for 5 academic courses with permission from their major advisor or the Dean of Faculty. Any student requesting an exception to this policy must petition the Academic Standards Committee and present compelling reasons (with appropriate documentation) for the exception.

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PE Requirement and PE Courses

CMC students must complete three semesters of physical education by the end of their sophomore year. Two seasons of CMS intercollegiate athletic team or club sport participation from an approved list will also fulfill the PE requirement.

  • To count towards the PE requirement, students must register for all PE courses, including athletic teams and club sports. Coaches cannot sign up or drop students. Regular due dates and deadlines apply to PE courses.
  • All PE courses are non-credit courses for CMC students.
  • Fees for PE courses are charged to students' accounts and are final as of the deadline to add classes on the 10th day of the semester.
  • Joint PE (JP) courses begin on the first Monday of the semester at 8:00 am. Joint PE (JP) courses that are "to be arranged" will meet for the first time on the second Thursday of the semester at 11:00 am between Modular C and Modular D in the breezeway south of Bauer Center. Contact the CMS Athletics staff at (909) 607-2904 for more information. Pomona PE (PO) courses begin on the first day of the semester.

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Registration for Off-Campus (Non-CMC) Courses

At CMC, freshmen and sophomores may take 1 course off-campus; juniors and seniors may take 2 courses (1/2 of their academic course-load) off-campus. Off campus courses and programs which are not considered cross-registration include:

Scripps College: Lower-level languages, Joint Music
Pitzer College: Lower-level languages
Pomona College: Lower-level languages, Theatre
All Colleges: Keck Science
American Studies 103  JT and 180  JT
Asian-American Studies courses with an "AA" suffix
Africana Studies courses with an "AF" suffix
Chicano Studies courses with a "CH" suffix
Media Studies courses with an "MS" prefix
Military Science
Physical Education
Religious Studies

Students wishing to take a course at CGU must obtain permission to enroll. CGU courses are not available for registration via the portal. Complete and submit a CGU Course Registration Request Form to the Registrar's Office at or after your pre-registration appointment time. Forms will be accepted until the add deadline each semester. For the full CGU policy regarding undergraduate enrollment in CGU courses, visit this page: Undergraduates Registering for CGU Classes.

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Senior Thesis

Senior thesis is a regular course for which students must register in person at the CMC Registrar's Office. The Senior Thesis Topic Form must be completed before students can sign up for thesis. A required meeting explaining thesis requirements will be held on the first Thursday of the fall semester at 12:30 pm, in Pickford Auditorium. Detailed syllabus information and forms may be obtained on our Senior Thesis web page.

Science majors must complete a science thesis (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Analysis, Neuroscience, or Physics 188L and 190L; or Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Analysis, Neuroscience, or Physics 191). All two-semester science theses include labs and lab fees. Science majors make all thesis arrangements through the Keck Science Department and must register for the appropriate course.

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Course Schedules

Use the links below to open a printable PDF of the course schedule.

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Schedule Planning Worksheets

These forms are available to you for your use while you plan your schedule.

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Campus Map

The page below includes a map of CMC, as well as links to additional maps and area directions.

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Voter Registration

Claremont McKenna College actively encourages students to register to vote. Registering and voting are important aspects of your rights and responsibilities as an informed citizen.

More information can be found here: Voter Registration Information

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