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Student Activities Office

College Programming Board (CPB)

CPB is a student-run organization charged with the creation, organization, and implementation of inclusive programming for the students of Claremont McKenna College. Working in close collaboration with the Student Activities Staff, CPB provides a multitude of programs on nights and weekends for students to enjoy. Past CPB events have included weekly Friday night movies, anti-stress activities during finals, and off-campus excursions to Disneyland, the LACMA, and other iconic Los Angeles destinations.

We value your input and involvement with helping to shape programs that will ignite interest and participation from our peers. To contact the board with event ideas or suggestions, or to learn more about becoming a member, please email us at

Executive Committee

Stephanie Wong
Stephanie Wong '17

Position: President
Hometown: Boston, MA
Major: Government
Fun Fact: Growing up my family owned a Chinese restaurant in New Hampshire, so I have a highly developed sense of “good” Chinese food.

Chantal Evett
Chantal Evett ‘17

Position: Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing (Spring 2015)
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Major: Economics-Accounting and Psychology Dual
Fun Fact: I’m basically a world champion karate master... Hai-YAH

Lulu Murtada
Lulu Murtada ‘18

Position: Vice President of Administration
Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Major: Psychology with a leadership sequence
Fun Fact: I’m the oldest of my siblings, and there’s a 15 year age difference between my baby sister and me!

Mackenzie Strafford ‘18
Mackenzie Strafford ‘18

Position: Vice President Media Programming
Hometown: Bellevue, Washington
Major: Science and Management with a focus in biotechnology
Fun Fact: I have 27 pet snakes!

Austin Gosch ‘18
Austin Gosch ‘18

Position: Vice President of Creative Programming
Hometown: Greenwood, AR
Major: Undecided
Fun Fact: I have been self-teaching myself photography for 3 years.

Board of Directors

Claire Klein ’18
Claire Klein ’18

Position: Director of Off-Campus Programs- Local
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: Summer camp is my favorite place in the world.

Andrew Meehan ‘17
Andrew Meehan ‘17

Position: Director of Off-Campus Programs - LA
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Major: Management-Engineering
Fun Fact: I was at the public viewing in Munich when Germany won the World Cup.

Vivan Marwaha ‘17
Vivan Marwaha ‘17

Position: Director of Holiday & Cultural Programs
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Major: International Relations
Fun Fact: I’ve met 3 U.S. Presidents

Anoush Baghdassarian ‘17
Anoush Baghdassarian ‘17

Position: Director of Interactive Programs
Hometown: Great Neck, NY
Major: Psychology/Spanish dual with a Human Rights minor
Fun Fact: I wrote a play about the Armenian Genocide my senior year of high school, and have performed it in New York and California. Now it’s finally published!

Johann Lim ‘18
Johann Lim ‘18

Position: Assistant Director of Interactive Programs
Hometown: Singapore
Major: History
Fun Fact: I am a certified EMT with an intense phobia of birds & butterflies.

Joey Yamada ‘18
Joey Yamada ‘18

Position: Director of Specialty Cinema
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Major: Econ/Psych Dual Major
Fun Fact: I thought Chex Mix was cat food for the longest time.

Johanna Dungca ‘17
Johanna Dungca ‘17

Position: Director of Friday Night Movies
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I love sweets!

Claire Donnelly ‘17
Claire Donnelly ‘17

Position: Director of Media
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Major: Economics and Media Studies dual
Fun Fact: I’ve been a vegetarian all my life.

Rebecca Chong ‘18
Rebecca Chong ‘18

Position: Director of Information
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Major: Government
Fun Fact: I always have good Asian food in my dorm. Come by anytime!

Ryan Farney ‘16
Ryan Farney ‘16

Position: Director of Social Media
Hometown: San Rafael, CA
Major: Psychology/Media Studies
Fun Fact: I once wrote a humorous expository on how I could not find a topic for my humorous expository. Similarly, I ran a Google search under “funny facts about me.” Nothing came up...

Mickey Ferguson ‘17
Micky Ferguson ‘17

Position: Director of Event Marketing (Spring 2015)
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Major: Undecided
Fun Fact: My parents met at CMC on their first day of school freshman year. One year later, their first date was during a Friday Night Movie!

Kari Rood
Kari Rood

Position: CPB Advisor/Assistant Director of Student Activities
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Alma Maters: Southern Methodist University (SMU) and Baylor University
Fun Fact: I played varsity badminton in high school and I am a die-hard SMU Mustangs fan.