Student Accounts

Refund Request

Those students who have a credit balance on their student account may request a refund. Refunds may be obtained once all actual financial aid has been applied to your student account. Refunds cannot be sent out prior to the start of the first day of classes for each semester.

You may request a refund by filling out Request For Refund of Credit Balance form and scanning it to or mailing it to the Office of Student Accounts. You may also pick up a form from our office which is located in Bauer Center, Room 211. Please allow severn to 14 days to process your refund. All refund checks must be mailed.

General Refund Policy

Students who withdraw during the semester may be eligible for refunds, depending upon the time of the withdrawal. Students must give written notification to the registrar of their decision to withdraw and complete the withdrawal procedures in order to be eligible for any refunds.

Tuition, student activities fees, board charges, scholarships, and grants will be prorated based on the number of days a student is registered at CMC, up to the 60 percent point of the semester. After that point, a student is no longer eligible for refunds. Room charges will generally not be prorated unless a new student occupant is immediately available. Students suspended or dismissed from the College for disciplinary reasons during the semester are not eligible to receive refunds.

Tuition Insurance

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