Senior Thesis

The Senior Thesis is your final general education requirement and the capstone of your undergraduate career. It is a serious exercise in the organization and presentation of written material related to your major. You select a topic for your thesis in consultation with your faculty reader(s). If you are pursuing honors in your major, consult the appropriate department chair for any special requirements or guidelines related to honors.

Getting Started on your Thesis Project

The Registrar’s Office conducts a mandatory Senior Thesis meeting on the first Thursday of each fall semester. You’ll learn about all of the administrative requirements for registration, production, submission, and upload of your thesis, along with information about resources to assist with each step of the process. Be sure to attend.

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Writing and Formatting Guidelines

Formatting and style expectations depend on the discipline in which you’re writing. Check with your reader to settle on a style guide and stick with it throughout your entire project. Be sure to visit The Center for Writing and Public Discourse (CWPD) for help with everything from developing your thesis topic to final formatting.

Students wishing to view previously submitted theses for formatting ideas and examples can visit the online repository at Scholarship@Claremont and browse or search for any CMC thesis. Searching for “Best Senior Thesis” will pull up the highest quality theses.

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Submitting your Completed Thesis to the Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office collects a bound paper copy of every CMC senior thesis, records the date/time of submission, and then distributes theses to faculty readers for grading. Thesis collection takes place on the 13th instructional Monday of every semester. Refer to the Senior Thesis Syllabus for specific due dates and times. Early submissions are welcome: late submissions incur grading penalties.

We’ll return the bound copy of your thesis to you after grading.

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Uploading your Thesis to Scholarship@Claremont

CMC maintains its senior thesis collection in the Claremont Colleges Library’s online scholarly repository, Scholarship@Claremont. Students upload electronic versions of their Senior Theses to this repository within 48 hours of the paper thesis submission. The upload is a mandatory part of the senior thesis process for all CMC students, including science majors and students with off-campus majors.

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