Speaker Series Archives

Academic Year 2017-2018

1/31/18, Lynn Novick, “What Nonfiction Narratives Reveal”

2/8/18, Danielle Allen, “The Declaration of Independence: Lessons for Citizenship in Challenging Times”

2/12/18, Yve-Alain Bois, “The Billboard and the Icon”

2/21/18, Alex Ross, “Wagnerian Modernism”

4/9/18, Alice Sebold, “We Move As a Group: Uniting the Genders in the Fight Against Rape Culture”

4/25/18, Adam Zagajewski, “An Evening of Poetry”

Academic Year 2017-2018

9/19/17, Robert Wright, “Why Buddhism is True”

11/6/17, Lisa Randall, “How Do We Know There are Extra Dimensions?”

11/16/17, Hilton Als, “Crime and Punishment: The Collaboration of Richard Avedon and James Baldwin”

Academic Year 2016-2017

04/05/17, Robert Sapolsky, "The Biology of Good and Evil

04/04/17, Mary Gaitskill, "The Novelist Reads from her Work"

04/03/17, Peter Dale Scott, "Czeslaw Milosz and T.S. Eliot: On Literature, Past and Future"

03/30/17, John Ferrell, "The Poetry of Charles Wright"

Academic Year 2015-2016

01/29/16, Louise Gluck Visit, "Poetry Colloquium

02/01/16, Louise Gluck Visit, "Athenaeum Reading"

11/04/15 "Art Panel II: Public Art - Public Domain; Philipp Kaiser and Robert Faggen, moderators"

10/08/15 "A Poetry Reading with Henri Cole"

09/30/15 "Art Panel I: Public Spheres; Miwon Kwon, Rochelle Steiner, Jorge Pardo, Oscar Tuazon"

Academic Year 2014-2015

Fall 2014 Seminar Philipp Kaiser, "Sculpture as Place"

Fall 2014 Seminar Bruce McKenna, "The Art and Science of Adaption"

9/17/14 "Film Screening: Walesa: Man of Hope"

9/18/14 August Klenzahler Reading

10/28/14 Adam Michnik, "The Trouble With Democracy After Communism"

10/28/14 Adam Michnik and Jonathan Bolton, "Dissidents, Then and Now"

11/10/14 J. David Velleman, "Morality Here and There: Kant Among the Sherpas"

11/18/14 Philip Kaiser, "Holes with History: Sculpture in the Late 1960s"

Academic Year 2013-2014

9/19/13 August Kleinzahler, "The Poet Reads from Hotel Oneira"

10/9/13 James Fadiman, "The Psychedelic Renaissance: Promise and Pitfalls"

10/10/13 Dorothy Fadiman, "When a Filmmaker's Vision Catches Fire"

10/15/13 Eric Karpeles, "Was Proust Convinced? Art and the Power of Redemption"

10/31/13 Robert Wagner, "Moby Dick and the Mythology of Oil"

4/15/14 Mary Gaitskill, "An Evening With the Author"

4/17/14 Paul Schimmel, "New Directions in Contemporary Art"

4/21/14 Mary Weatherford, "The Artist Discusses her Work"

5/4/2014 "Three-Part Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion of Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead"

Academic Year 2012-2013

10/1/12 Robert Massie III, "History, Biography and Human Agency"

10/4/12 Paul Elie, "Reinventing Bach"

10/8/12 James Millstein, "Hangover: The Financial Crisis of 2008 and its Fiscal Consequences"

11/7/12 August Kleinzahler, "The Poet Reads from His Work"

11/13/12 Peter White, "Turn the Poet Out of Door: A Natural History of Robert Frost"

11/28/12 Paul Krassner, "Who's to Say? A Life Lived on the Edge"

12/3/12 Jonathan Bolton, "Narratives of Dissent"

1/28/13 Ray Ryan, "Publishing Academic Research in the Humanities"

2/11/13 Sharon Olds, "A Reading"

2/14/13 Robert Caro, "An Evening with Robert Caro"

2/28/13 Naomi Nye, "A Reading"

3/4/13 Victor Masayesva, Jr., Screening of "Ritual Clowns"

3/13/13 Alex Dionne, "Girl Rising, A Documentary"

3/28/13 Allison Davis O'Keefe, "Across America in the Century's First Decade: The Odyssey of a Photojournalist"

4/16/13 Pico Iyer, "Our New Global Culture: Visions and Divisions"

4/17/13 Francine Prose, "The Literary Genius of Anne Frank"

Academic Year 2011-2012

2/14/12 Nick Bostrom, "Superintelligence: The Machine Intelligence Revolution"

3/7/12 Ray Kurzweil, "The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology"

4/2/12 David Rodin, "After Just War Theory"

Academic Year 2010-2011

10/12/10 Bruce McKenna, "Writing History onto Screen"

10/14/10 Leszek Balcerowicz, "How to Avoid Another Financial Crisis"

10/27/10 Frank Deford, "An Evening with America's Greatest Sportswriter"

3/1/11 James Fenton, "An Evening with the Poet"

4/4/11 Louise Gluck, "An Evening with Louise Gluck"

Academic Year 2009-2010

2/9/10 William Kolbrener – “The Materialist Modern: Theology, Politics, and Community in Thomas Hobbes and John Milton”

2/16/10 Robert von Hallberg – “Love Songs of Serial Desire”

2/22/10 Adam Michnik, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza

3/31/10 Angus Fletcher, author and CMC Podlich Fellow

11/3/09 Ertai Gao - "In Search of My Homeland"

10/26/09 W.S. Merwin - "An Evening with W.S. Merwin"

Academic Year 2008-2009

3/10/09 Adam Michnik - "Global Anti-Semitism" (ATH VIDEO)

2/24/09 Jonathan Hart - "Lawrence of Arabia: Between Myth and History"

11/6/08 David Grossman - "Israel at 60: Nation, Identity, and Literature"

10/27/08 Paul Muldoon - "A Poet Reads from His Work"

10/23/08 Ed McClanahan - "An Evening with the Author" (ATH VIDEO)

9/18/08 Amos Oz - "Israel and the Question of Global Anti-Semitism"

Academic Year 2007-2008

3/26/08 Mort Sahl - "An Evening with Mort Sahl" (ATH VIDEO)

3/12/08 American Jazz Institute Nonet: The Jazz Soul of Frankie Laine (ATH VIDEO)

3/10/08 Kang Zhengguo - "An Evening with the Author" (ATH VIDEO)

3/7/08 China and Human Rights: A Symposium

3/6/08 Orville Schell - "The Global Environmental Consequences of China's 'Right' to Development" (ATH VIDEO)

2/21/08 Martin Marty - "Religion and Public Life"

2/13/08 Duology Plus Two

11/8/07 Bei Dao - "An Evening with the Poet"

10/18/07 Orhan Pamuk - "Orhan Pamuk: Other Colors, Other Stories" (ATH VIDEO)

Academic Year 2006-2007

4/24/07 Elisa Massimino - "Torture and the War on Terror" (ATH VIDEO)

4/4/07 Adam Michnik - "Democracy and Religion" (ATH VIDEO)

3/28/07 Uzodinma Iweala - "Beasts of No Nation" (ATH VIDEO)

3/7/07 Barry Kosmin - "Surveying Contemporary Free Market of Religious and Non-religious Americans" (ATH VIDEO)

3/6/07 Hugo Vickers - "Cecil Beaton: His Biography and His Biographer" (ATH VIDEO)

2/20/07 Paul Barolsky - "Ovid's Metamorphoses and the History of Art"

2/12/07 Carl Wilkens - "Defying Genocide in Rwanda" (ATH VIDEO)

1/25/07 C. K. Williams - "A Reading"

1/22/007 - Thomas Cushman - "Orwell in the 21st Century"

11/20/06 The Bobby Bradford Mo'tet: Jazz!

11/15/06 A Panel Discussion: Women and Journalism (ATH VIDEO)

11/6/06 Stephanie Coontz - "The Way We Never Were and the Way We Really Are: Myths and Realities about America's Changing Families"

10/25/06 Joanne Ciulla - "Work, Leisure, and The Good Life"

10/19/06 A Concert in Commemoration of Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

9/26/06 Jeremy Rifkin - "The European Dream: How Europe's Vision of the Future is Changing the Global Economy"

Academic Year 2005-2006

4/19/06 Harvey Klehr - "Was Joe McCarthy Right? New Archival Evidence on Soviet Espionage in America"

4/3/06 Richard Evans - "Coercion and Consent in Nazi Germany"

3/2/06 Salman Rushdie - "Step Across This Line: An Evening with Salman Rushdie"

2/20/06 The Lark Quartet Plays Bolcom, Gershwin, and Debussy

2/9/06 John Demos - "In the Shadow of the Founders: The Meaning and Significance of 'Generations' in American History"

2/6/06 Music from the Grasslands of Inner Mongolia

1/23/06 Tres Amis Trio: 19th Century German Romantic Chamber Music of Beethoven, Schumann, and Brahms

10/24/05 Oscar Torres - "Innocent Voices" (ATH VIDEO)

10/6/05 Andrew Sullivan - "The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage"

9/14/05 Frank Potenza Quartet: An Evening of Jazz

Academic Year 2004-2005

4/27/05 James Q. Wilson - "Character and Culture" (ATH VIDEO)

4/18/05 Richard Evans - "History, Truth and Memory: Reflections on the Irving-Lipstadt Libel Case" (ATH VIDEO)

4/12/05 Kevin Warwick - "Practical Experiments Using Implant Technology" (ATH VIDEO)

4/11/05 Taryn Benarroch '05 - "A Recital of Songs and Arias"

4/4/05 Cyrille and Drummond Play Thelonious Monk

3/10/05 A.S. Byatt - "Glass as Metaphor: Reflections on the Development of My Work"

2/23/05 Brannon Braga - "Confessions of a Star Trek Writer"

2/8/05 Brian Greene - "String Theory: Reaching for Einstein's Dream"

2/2/05 A Recital of Arias and Art Songs

1/26/05 Richard Hanley - "No Need for Miracles: Simulation and the Supernatural"

10/21/04 Niall Ferguson - "Are Capitalism and Democracy Bound to Win?" (ATH VIDEO)