Center for Global Education

You’re no ordinary student. You worked hard to get where you are. You have ambitions. You want to be more connected to the world. We can help you get started.

Leadership in a global society requires a global education. Whether it’s a semester abroad, an immersive internship in politics or entrepreneurship, an international research project or an international academic travel program, you’ll come away with experiences that will change the way you see your world – and yourself.

The Center for Global Education is the place to start. With hundreds of opportunities – some designed especially for CMC students – we can help you find a program that fits your interests, enhances your on-campus education and opens doors for your future.

Explore the different global experiences available to CMC students through our website, and come talk to us. Don’t miss your chance. The world is waiting for you…

Center for Global Education Mission Statement

To provide global learning opportunities that enhance the on-campus experience.

The Center for Global Education encourages CMC students to take advantage of global and intercultural learning experiences. The Center’s goals are:

  • To offer excellent advising services for study abroad, the Washington and Silicon Valley Programs, and undergraduate and post-graduate fellowships, scholarships, and national awards.
  • To manage outstanding off-campus study programs.
  • To provide on-going support for students and faculty participating in the Center’s programs, from pre-departure to re-entry.
  • To develop and manage faculty-led programs and trips in close cooperation with academic departments and programs.
  • To promote ideals of mutual understanding.

The Center reports to the Dean of the Faculty and manages the following programs:

  • Study Abroad
  • The Washington Program
  • The Silicon Valley Program
  • Fellowships and National Awards
  • Faculty-led International Programs and Trips


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Center for Global Education

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