Preparing Leaders to Solve Complex Problems 

“CMC is committed to leading effective efforts to tackle climate change through powerful learning opportunities for our students, multi-disciplinary research, and our own carbon-neutral goals.”

– President Hiram E. Chodosh

Building a Sustainable Future Through Integrated and Experiential Learning and Dedicated Research

The health of our planet—climate, energy, and the environment—is one of the three socio-scientific challenges we are dedicated to confronting in the vision and planning for our new Kravis Department of Integrated Sciences.


This ambitious CMC commitment builds upon pre-existing research, curricular development, and project-based learning on the complexity of environmental challenges through our Roberts Environmental Center, EnviroLab Asia, and Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP) major. 


Students also gain problem-solving skills through CMC research opportunities, internships, and sustainability grants programs.



Chemistry students working together


Multi-Disciplinary Learning

Inside and outside the classroom, CMC equips students to become leaders to tackle climate and sustainability challenges, through research, curricular development, and project-based learning.

CMC's campus with sustainable plant life.


Campus Commitments

We are committed to a wide range of environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts via our campus master plan. In addition, we implement and innovate technologies that reduce energy and water consumption.

Students sitting on Jeppe Hein benches.


Taking Action

Become a part of the solution by joining the myriad sustainability opportunities within the CMC community, including the CMC ACTS advisory group and the Environmental Affairs Committee.

Andrew Bradjan '22


News and Events

Stay up-to-date with timely community messages and stories about CMC faculty and students who are focused on making a tangible and sustainable difference.