Thanks to the 12,000+ donors of the record-breaking The Campaign for CMC: Responsible Leadership and guided by an unwavering commitment to our founding mission, CMC’s evolution, growth, and success will endure for future generations of responsible leaders in business, government, and the professions.

alumni made at least one gift

alumni made their first-ever gift to CMC

alumni gave every year of the Campaign

donors made at least one gift to CMC

of the total alumni base represented

The median donor gave a total of

Donors of under 
represent nearly 90% of the Campaign donor total

115 first-time leadership donors of


Campaign Total: $1,076,075,164

CMC is the first liberal arts college in history to pass $1 billion in a single comprehensive campaign


Honoring our Leadership Mission logo.

Honoring Our
Leadership Mission

secured in new gifts and commitments to honor our leadership mission, endowing for future generations Claremont McKenna’s distinctive model of undergraduate education.

Preparing Leadership through Integrated Sciences.

Preparing Leadership
Through Integrated Sciences

secured in new gifts and commitments to prepare future leaders through integrated sciences, raising the technical and scientific fluency of all students to tackle the socio-scientific grand challenges of the day.

Student Opps logo.

Expanding Student

secured in new gifts and commitments to expand transformative student opportunities, recruiting the top emerging scholar-leaders regardless of financial need and removing barriers to the full, four-year Claremont McKenna experience.

Campaign Milestones