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CPB is a student-run organization charged with the creation, organization, and implementation of inclusive programming for the students of Claremont McKenna College. Working in close collaboration with the Student Activities Staff, CPB provides a multitude of programs on nights and weekends for students to enjoy. Past CPB events have included weekly Friday night movies, anti-stress activities during finals, and off-campus excursions to Disneyland, the LACMA, and other iconic Los Angeles destinations.

We value your input and involvement with helping to shape programs that will ignite interest and participation from our peers. To contact the board with event ideas or suggestions, or to learn more about becoming a member, please email us at

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Executive Committee

Sonya Jendoubi
Sonya Jendoubi '17


Maintains communication relative to CPB with students, staff, faculty, and administrators and oversees all organization and planning. The President holds one-on-ones with all the VPs and Directors.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Major: Media Studies
Ask me about: Human centered design

Chantal Evett
Chantal Evett '17

Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing

Coordinates all marketing strategies for CPB events, and is responsible for the internal and external branding of the College Programming Board. Oversees the Director of Social Media, the Director of Design, and the Director of Web Development.
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Major: Economics-Accounting and Psychology
Ask me about: My black belt

Anoush Baghdassarian
Anoush Baghdassarian '17

Vice President of Administration

Oversees the administrative duties, such as creating and managing forms, and facilitates all official communications and correspondence between the executive committee, students, and faculty. Oversees the Director of Information. 

Hometown: Great Neck, NY
Major: Psychology & Spanish with a Human Rights Sequence
Ask me about: My hula hoop skills

Micky Ferguson
Micky Ferguson '17

Vice President of Media Programming

Oversees the Directors of Friday Night Movies, Specialty Cinema, and Performing Arts. Meets with Directors on a weekly basis and serves as a resource on CPB issues and planning.
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Major: Government & Spanish with a Leadership Sequence
Ask me about: How my parents met

Vivan Marwaha
Vivan Marwaha '17

Vice President of Creative Programming

Oversees and meets with the Directors of Off-Campus Programs, City Programs, Interactive Programs, and Holiday & Cultural Programs on a weekly basis. Serves as a resource on CPB issues and planning.
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Major: International Relations
Ask me about: The 52 countries I've visited


Board of Directors


Adele English
Adele English '19

Director of Off-Campus Programs

Coordinates off-campus programming activities, including but not limited to amusement parks, festivals, and activities happening in greater L.A. County and the surrounding areas.
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Major: Undecided
Ask me about: Scuba Diving

Shambhavi Sahai
Shambhavi Sahai '18

Director of City Programs

Coordinates off-campus programming activities, including but not limited to, trips to shows, museums, the beach, and activities in and around L.A.
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Major: Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP)
Ask me about: Horse riding

Jassmin Del Rio & Nolan Rajakumar

Director of Holiday & Cultural Programs

Coordinates all holiday-related programming activities, including but not limited to, events related to Halloween, a variety of cultures, Love Day Soiree, etc.
Ask me about: 

Lan (Christine) Phan
Lan (Christine) Phan '19

Director of Interactive Programs

Coordinates all events that relate to learning new skills or have a competitive element. These events include, but are not limited to, cooking classes, arts & crafts activities, eating competitions, and video game events.
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Major:3/2 Economics & Engineering
Ask me about: Backpacking, classical music, and jazz

Kai Vogel
Kai Vogel '19

Director of Specialty Cinema

Plans and executes all off-campus movie trips, special movie showings, watch parties, and Screen on the Green events, including all entertainment, food, and novelties for these events.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Ask me about: How I can bark like a dog

Seoyoon Choi
Seoyoon Choi '19

Director of Friday Night Movies

Plans and executes all Friday Night Movies, including all food and novelties for such events.
Ask me about: 

Alex Pachter
Alex Pachter '19

Director of Performing Arts Programs

Plans and executes all media related events, including but not limited to artistic expression events, trivia nights, and karaoke events.
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Undecided
Ask me about: My two enormous and furry cats, Zeus & Athena.

Marion Goldberg
Marion Goldberg '19

Assistant Director of Performing Arts Programs

Coordinates events relating to the arts including, but not limited to, karaoke night, museum trips, and Broadway outings.
Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Math & Philosophy
Ask me about: Scuba diving

Sara-Rose Bockian '17

Director of Information

Oversees the creation and publication of the monthly CPB calendar. Also works to put on the monthly Second Sunday Snack events.
Ask me about: 

Win Lei Lei (Ling) Tun
Win Lei Lei (Ling) Tun '19

Director of Social Media

Oversees the maintenance and activity of the CPB social media accounts, including but not limited to, the CPB Instagram, Facebook page, and Snapchat.
Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar
Major: Undecided
Ask me about: FOOD!

Ryan Sung
Ryan Sung

Director of Design

Oversees all matters related to event specific marketing and is responsible for the design, approval, printing, and distribution of event marketing materials.
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Major: Computer Science, Minor: Art
Ask me about: Surfing, bouldering, and my YouTube channel!

Lindsay Slocum
Lindsay Slocum '17

Director of Web Development

Oversees the creation, design, and maintenance of the CPB website. Is responsible for content and real time updates.
Hometown:Larkspur, CA
Major: Economics-Accounting
Ask me about: Studying abroad in Copenhagen


Kari Rood
Kari Rood

CPB Advisor/Assistant Director of Student Activities

Is responsible for working with the entire CMC student population in order to foster a healthy and thriving campus life community through intentional programming efforts.
Hometown:Scottsdale, AZ
Ask me about: Competitive badminton



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